Amy and Tyler off the cruise ship- St. Maarten Engagement Photography

Tyler and Amy are from my hometown, Sudbury Ontario. They booked their wedding a few months ago, and mentioned they would be in St. Maarten as one of their stops on the cruise they were taking. We decided it would be a perfect location for engagement photos! Taken at a few locations throughout the island and on the boardwalk in Phillipsburg.
I realized a few important things for this shoot- first of all, cruise ship time is different from St. Maarten time, they stick to their own time zone. Secondly, old abandoned houses are full of mud wasps and thirdly, one-hundred mud-wasp nests are usually abandoned.
Also, Amy and Tyler are amazing! When Tyler pointed out the wasp nests  all over, I asked if they wanted to leave, and they said “no!”. This was their answer throughout the shoot in the old house, when I noticed the staircase was unsafe… and the floorboards were rotten. They were up for anything… I am totally looking forward to shooting their wedding!

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