Back from the road trip!

We had been planning a road trip around SoCal for awhile, but never knew when we would actually book it. Jesse wanted to leave on Valentines Day (cute, eh?), but I found out there was a photography convention and expo in Vegas in early March, so we postponed the trip a few weeks to include it on our travels. What an amazing road trip! I am blown away with the beauty of California.

What a wonderful two weeks! I am back in St Maarten from our southern California road trip, and I hope to share a few (ok, a lot) of photos from our trip.  Here are just a few of us in the airport/plane. We had a long journey from St Maarten to San Francisco, and Jesse had his camera carry on, so the result is a lot of photos of me drinking tea. On a side note, I was SO excited to have tea! Nowhere in St Maarten has non-dairy milk, so I don’t get tea out often. It was so soothing to have my first venti Starbucks tea of the year! Starbucks, high-speed internet and cheap produce are a few things I look forward to while in developed countries.

I get so excited when Jesse and I have matching items! One of my favourite little life moments is when Jesse and I come out of the wardrobe with matching outfits on, which subsequently one of us has to alter. #firstworldproblems

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