Favourite Song by Behind Sapphire

WOW! i can’t believe how fast the past month has gone by! My resolution to blog once a week is failed already, but this week I can at least share a good band post.

I can’t believe how many photoshoots I have in January!  I have been doing tons of boudoir shoots, I’m still looking for models… check out my boudoir page for more information.

Ever hear of Behind Sapphire? I just started listening to them and I absolutely love the band! can’t get over them! I LOVE THEM! I have been listening to them for awhile now, they are a Canadian band from Vancouver. Their songs remind me of being a kid. Here is one of my favourite uplifting songs from Behind Sapphire:

Behind Sapphire – Big Steps from Adrien Deggan on Vimeo.

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