Big Sur – Southern California Road Trip Part 2

We picked up the car on the way out of San Francisco and started down Big Sur towards Los Angelas. It was breathtaking. it rained most of the time, and made for spectacular photos… the clouds were rolling in off the coast and the everything was dewy and green. We stayed the night in THE cutest little town, Carmel. I imaged everyone in the town looked like the fairies from Sleeping Beauty. Short, plump and hug-able! All the houses had moss covered roofs and also looked like they were out of a fairy tale.
There were pros and cons to driving Big Sur in off season… the biggest pro being that there was hardly any traffic! It was just us zooming around the cliffs in our little red convertible. I felt like I was in a movie!
Jesse favourite part of the whole trip were the elephant seals, along Big Sur. We loved watching them play and “kiss”. You may notice some of them sporting a funny looking “Trunk”, which is their responsible for their name. The male elephant seals develop a large, inflatable nose, which hangs over their face once they turn 7. The long nose allows them to reabsorb moisture when they breathe, which helps  them conserve body moisture when they aren’t able to leave the beach during mating season (weird that a nose is responsible for reproduction!). I posted a video so you can see how funny they look when they move, it’s like they aren’t fully evolved yet.

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Big Sur:
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Joshua Tree and Mohave:
Death Valley and  Sequoia:


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