Sea to Sky Highway Adventures and Britannia Beach Waterfalls

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 11.43.00 PMSea to Sky Highway Adventures and Britannia Beach Waterfalls

Valentines day is pretty low key for Jesse and I, marked with heart shaped banana pancakes and chocolate covered strawberries. We both love day trips, and exploring new places. The weather is lovely for the next few weeks, so we booked a MODO car and decided to go up the sea to sky highway, and have a photography-filled adventurous day. Even thought the weather predicted sun in Vancouver, we forgot to check Squamish  and were a bit disappointed by the clouds, but it made for some unique photos. I love stopping at the little seaside towns and stops along the Sea to Sky, and can’t get over the beauty of the area. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The tree covered mountains, with the snow peaked rockies in the distance, and the islands that rise out of the ocean like giant turtles is just breathtaking.

We were originally going to try the new Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish near Shannon Falls, but decided not due to the fog visibility. On our way to  Squamish, we stopped at Furry Creek and got some awesome photos of Oliver’s Landing, and tried to find a lookout in Britannia Beach. Instead we found a beautiful little fairy waterfall surrounded by moss covered trees and bright green ferns. It was just such a beautiful place I had to take photos! Unfortunately I forgot my tripod, so most of these were handheld, and I didn’t get the motion I wanted out of the waterfalls, but I can’t wait to go back with a tripod! These were all taken with Jesse’s Sony NEX 7, which I absolutely LOVE. It is so light and small and the mirror-less sensor keeps all the quality of a pro camera.

Britannia Beach

Britannia Beach Waterfalls 1/6 s f5.6 iso 100


Britannia Beach

Britannia Beach Waterfalls 1/6s f5.6 Iso100

Britannia Beach

Beautiful Moss and greenery

Britannia Beach

Camera Settings: 1.3s f11 iso 100

Oliver's Landing in Furry Creek

Oliver’s Landing in Furry Creek 1/1600s f6.3 iso100

Oliver's Landing in Furry Creek

Oliver’s Landing in Furry Creek 1/100s f11 iso 100



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  • KassandraFebruary 16, 2015 - 5:18 am

    So many lovely photos. I’m looking forwards to Spring for some Sea to Sky Hwy adventures