One of a Kind Craft show girls weekend in Toronto

One of a Kind Craft show girls weekend in Toronto

My friends and I are such crafty people, I think we were born in the wrong decade. We went down to the One of a Kind craft show this weekend… which was like meeting in person! It was amazing! craft-astical! homemade-tific!! I loved the dedication that the artisans put into their work and the careful branding and design of their booth. It really opened my eyes to how many things I throw out that can be used for, like, everything. All throughout the craft show, I kept saying to the girls, OMG, we can TOTALLY make that. So, true to my word, I have TONS of stuff to make in the next couple of months… I am quite excited to pull out the dusty sewing machine.

I fell in LOVE with all the fascinator booths at the show, and it reminded me of this absolutely fantastic artist who had done fascinators for one of my weddings last fall, and I thought, MAYBE she’s here… she was! I noticed her booth right away, by how beautiful all the pieces were! Even when talking to her, I was distracted by the uniqueness and colour of each piece… I had to buy one! Check out her website, she is absolutely fantastic.

Guess what else I found at the craft show…  A TIME TURNER! maybe not the exact one from the HP world, but a really cool muggle version.

We also went to the absolutely amazing 6 level pub Madisons, I have never been in such a cool place before! each level had its own different style… starting with sports bar on the bottom, and multiple patios, piano bar(our favourite) and many levels of english style pubs. And, for the past few years, every time I go to Toronto, I plan to go to Poutinis, a FANTASTICAL poutine place that serves VEGAN poutine! (Along with other death-eaters poutines as well) This time, I made it a point to go their… and it was worth it. Even the crazy cabbie that drove us back… He kept racing the other cabbies at stoplights??

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