Don’t Break the Comb – Model Shoot St. Maarten

Before I moved to the island, I wanted to know what St. Maarten had to offer in terms of vegan supplies, food, restaurants and cookbooks. Taymer Mason from Caribbean Vegan had all this information on her website and her own vegan cookbook out!I enjoyed reading her blog posts and learning different ways to use Caribbean fruit and Vegetables (my favourite Caribbean fruit so far is Breadfruit… google it!)

When I connected with Taymer and she mentioned she was starting up a line of natural hair products for Caribbean Ladies, called Don’t Break the Comb. Taymer and I talked about doing a photoshoot but I didn’t hear from her until a day before I was to leave for Canada. We both really wanted to do the shoot… so I set it up for 5:45am the day I left. I was really excited for the shoot… despite the rain. There are so many obstacles shooting in the Caribbean… strong sun, heat, torrential downpours, and pesky tourist!  Ok, maybe the tourists aren’t that bad, if they stop and stare for too long, I make them hold stuff…

Ok. I have a confession to make. I didn’t know what Natural Caribbean hair was. Almost all the ladies in the Caribbean have their hair straightened, or straightened then re-curled. So when Taymer was telling me about the natural hair products, I didn’t know what she meant, until the day of the shoot. When Taymer and Rochelle showed up, I couldn’t believe their hair! It was SO beautiful, so soft and curly…its unbelievable that anyone would want to straighten it! Taymer and Rochelle were really fun to work with… I’m so happy I was able to fit this shoot in before I left!

More information on the Product: Don’t Break the Comb is St. Martin/St. Maarten’s first natural hair group, is an online hair community for and about natural hair women in the Caribbean and features hair stories, pictures, styles and products. Get more information on their website: 

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