Family Christmas at Fort Meyers, Florida

Jesse and I went down at the end of December to spend some time with his family, in Fort Myers Florida. I couldn’t believe how beautiful Florida was. We had a fantastic time with his family and I got to meet his extended family for the first time. We got to go to a zoo, the beach, Naples, Universal studios and a nice drive along the coast. And, of course, shopping! I overpacked and had not remembered to save room for shopping. Jesse graciously shared half of his suitcase on the trip back!

One of my favourite parts of this trip, asides from Harry Potter World of course, was the Manatees. Appolo Beach is known for its manatee population because of the warm water from the nearby factory. We chilled on the beach whil watching the manatees and I was reminded of the “ugly dolphin” commercial… see below:

And some photos, of course! Can you believe some were taken with Jesse’s camera phone? It’s amazing the quality of phone cameras!

   DSC_0067  IMG_3470IMG_3517


The Ford and Edison winter homes… Beautiful!

Untitled_Panorama16 copy

IMG_3704IMG_3715  IMG_3719  IMG_3781IMG_3805IMG_3810 copy 2 good 2  IMG_3834IMG_3836 2IMG_3839IMG_3843

A few from Universal Studios… Jesse got chosen to be on the set of Disaster Movie!

IMG_3907  IMG_4141 blog


Untitled_Panorama1 copyUntitled_Panorama1Untitled_Panorama4 facbeook  Untitled_Panorama4  Untitled_Panorama13

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