Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes – Renee’s Visit and Photoshoot

What happens when a model and a photographer go on vacation together? PHOTOSHOOTS!!! MANY PHOTOSHOOTS!  My newest visitor is the beautiful Renee Grenon. I was alone for a bit on the Island, and Jesse’s sister came to visit me during that time.  We had just met for the first time this past Christmas in Fort Meyers, we hit it off right away, and I have been counting down the days until her visit.

I happened to have a photoshoot planned during her time on the island and I wanted the model-esque Renee to be in it. She complied, and we went to the lovely Fort St Lous in Marigot. Good thing it was the french side, because Renee got stuck in a dress, and  it took three of us to pull it off her, taking everything underneath with her. Ill never forget the look on her face when she realized she was nearly nude in front of 20 tourist who were watching the shoot. There is nothing like a bonding experience where one of you gets publicly humiliated!

I wanted a second photoshoot with just Renee, and since her hair was going crazy from the humidity and salt in the ocean, we decided on a natural island theme. I love how the photos turned out, and am insanely jealous of how fantastic Renee’s skin is… no photoshop required!


I might ave been a bit harsh towards the models while they were walking in their tall heels in the grass and pebbles, so they made me try on the shoes to “see how I liked it”. I think ill stay behind the camera with my Tkees!


Renee at the top of Fort St Louis

Renee’s second island/beach themed photoshoot


I took Renee to my favourite vegan place on the island – the Rasta Hut!


Another fav vegan restaurant on St Maarten – Paanlan on the Bay

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