How to find the Best Vancouver Wedding Photographers

How to find the Best Vancouver Wedding Photographers

best wedding photographers in vancouver; questions; tips

Can you imagine yourself as the bride in the photographers images?

Finding the best wedding photographers can be overwhelming, especially in Vancouver. To start with, ask friends and family for referrals. Let others do the work for you, ask past brides and use friends experiences with their photographers to help you find yours. Once you narrowed it down to a few photographers you can start setting up meetings and use the following tips.

Your wedding photographer should be someone you are comfortable around

This should go without saying, but its important to like your photographer. They should feel like a friend who understands your ideas and vision for your wedding day.

You have to be comfortable telling your photographer if a certain pose feels awkward. Communication is key during a good photoshoot. If you and your partner are a bit on the shy side, you might not be comfortable with an overly outgoing photographer who has couples that are dancing in the street and being goofy in public. You shouldn’t have to step outside of your comfort zone on your wedding day when there are other amazing photographers more suited to you.

Regardless if you tend to be more reserved or if you love being the life of the party, look for a photographer that has a similar personality to you and imagine yourself in their portfolio. The photographer’s personality shows in their photos and shooting style.

Do you like your photographer’s portfolio and website images?

When looking through a photographer’s portfolios, try to imagine yourself as the bride in one of their images. Photographers are used to shooting in a certain style and expect that clients want the images and style they are known for. For example a photographer who has crisp clean images with lots of bright colours might assume thats what their clients want, since it is all they have on their portfolio and website. They might not be willing to put film filters on the photos and make your images look like instagram.

best wedding photographers in vancouver; questions; tips

Different editing styles: Film / vintage filter on left and natural editing on right

Does your photographer have similar venues in their portfolio?

If you find a photographer who shoots urban locations with lots of white walls, clean spaces, modern architecture, and you love that look, then its important to have similar venues in order for the photographer to achieve that look. If you are getting married in the middle of a forest with a rustic theme, its not realistic to expect the photographer to produce images like the ones mentioned above. Ask the photographer if they have shot somewhere similar to your wedding and if you could see the photos so you know what to expect.

Vancouver is amazing for having such diverse locations, most Vancouver photographers have shot everything, from beach weddings to urban to mountain and forest.

Your photographer needs to be adaptable

The best wedding photographers are a fly-on-the-wall during the ceremony, and a “Bossy Pants” at the photo shoots. This is a attribute  you learn through referrals. Ask them how long the formals took, and if it was well organized. Most guests and bride and grooms don’t have experience posing in front of the camera and they need the photographer to take charge and tell them what to do.





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