Golden Ears Provincial Park, British Columbia

Golden Ears Provincial Park, British Columbia

With the warmer summer weather, Jesse and I have taken to exploring different beaches and swimming holes around town. While some of the ocean lakes are a bit too cold for my liking, the sun has heated up some smaller lakes and rives enough for swimming.

I had seen the picturesque Alouette Lake online and had really wanted to check it out at Golden Ears Provincial Park. This lake is stunning with large tree covered hills surrounding the lake and the Golden Ears mountain peaks in the distance. We started off at the south beach, which is great for a picnic area, but the “beach sand” was a bit too rough for my toes. Spoiled by the flour soft white sand of the Caribbean, I would need to bring some water sandals  (or, gasp, the unthinkable crocs!!!) back to actually walk on this beach. The water was cool, but swimmable and refreshing. Many people were in the water, and enjoying stand up paddeling and canoeing.

Golden Ears

View from South Beach

After awhile at south beach we decided to explore north beach, which is accessible by a beautiful riverside trail, riddled with small groups of people cliff jumping and swimming in the shallow blue-green pools. I really liked the North Beach better, the sand was softer and it was a bit “wilder” than south beach! The river leading to the lake was stunning, and I hope to go back there for some awesome swimsuit models this summer for an epic shoot!Girl in blue dress with mountains behindGirl in bikini and hat and blue dress with mountains behind herFeet with rocks VancouverCaroline Ross in VancouverMoss growing on treesGolden Ears river pondGolden Ears

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