SeaweedCookies and Harry Potter Parties in Sudbury

So I was uber excited for Harry Potter 7  for the past two months. I remember thinking in August that November 19 could not come soon enough!

Ssince I have declared war on consumerism, I decided to hand make all my Harry Potter party decorations myself, out of recycled materials. I forgot about this commitment until  Nov 17 and I caved. I decided to go an buy EVERYTHING HARRY POTTER. luckily for my conscious, no where in Greater Sudbury sells Harry Potter decorations. the only thing I could find was a Harry Potter lego poster and a really unattractive poster of Harry, Hermoine and Ron. like really? out of all the interesting scenes, photoshopping, and special effects, the only good picture they could find was Harry looking like a bad Movember model?

ANYWAYS, I had no decorations. and it felt good. Only three people dressed up this year, I think my cool idea for a blog post scared most of them, and i have been threatened by a few people who refuse to be associated with my HP parties. we heard through the blueberry bush that people had to line up outside, so I unfortunately had to put some pants on for the theatre, but still had my lightening bolt, H
ogwarts top, scarf and tie. it was cold outside.

You’r probably thinking I’m a huge nerd. I’m  not. I have plenty of normal time-wasting-habits instead of obsessing over J.K. Rowlings genius.  here are a few of my favourite things.

1. cooking delicious cookies/desserts that no one else seems to like. don’t know why not everyone wants that delicious little mermaid after taste.

2. #1 stop for unique wedding finds. and everything else homemade on this planet.

3. nuff said.


Harry Potter PartiesHarry Potter PartiesHarry Potter PartiesHarry Potter Parties

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