Santa Monica – Southern California Road Trip Part 3

Caroline ROss  40NEW WPPI Vancouver Photographer45Weeks before our trip, I was only able to sing the words Santa Monica. It usually involved a precursor of “take me down” . So, when I would talk to Jesse about out trip, it would be “So, like, I found this super cool raw restaurant in {take me down to Santa Monicaaaaaaa}.” I was starting to annoy myself, but it was truly involuntary.
We stayed at the eco LEED Gold Certified Shore Hotel in Santa Monica, right by the ocean near the pier. The hotel was born in 2011, and stayed true in to the style of the area, and original mid-century hotels. After a few days in Santa Monica, we headed up the mountains to the north of the city. We stopped at the free and totally cool Getty Museum, which  stemmed from Mr. Getty’s personal art collection, and, under his instructions, will  always remain free to visitors. We ran into some Snow? in the Angela’s Mountains and had to turn back because of road closures. Luckily, we headed around the back of the mountains and I snagged some amazing sunset reflection photos of the whole range. We soon found out that out next destination, Palm Springs, had, like, 10 roads going into it that were just flash flooded, (yes, it rained for a lot of our California Time…much to my disbelief! I thought it never rained in LA!). But we finally found our way in and fell in love with the little city! Surrounded by a snow capped mountain range, beautifully manicured gold courses and a small, but vibrant and yummy downtown, it was right up our alley.

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Santa Monica:
Joshua Tree and Mohave:
Death Valley and  Sequoia:

Santa MonicaShore Hotel

Santa Monica PierVegan Road Trip California BMWSanta MonicaCaroline ROss  40NEW WPPI Vancouver Photographer42


Santa Monica Pier Cali Road Trip z4 mcoupe
Caroline Ross Photography Vancouver

los Angelas and Bear mountain

Angela's Forest

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Angela's Forest
BMW z4 california road trip

Caroline Ross Photography Vancouver Caroline Ross Photography Vancouver

Palm Springs
Palm Springs
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