Lady Gaga Halloween Costume – Second hand dress, new wig and origami embellishments

Lady Gaga Halloween Costume

Lady Gaga Halloween Costume


Caroline at her moms house, practicing before the recital

I had fun with this costumes this Halloween, I found the dress at a local second hand store, for 4$, and originally  planned on wearing it to a few Christmas holiday events. BUT then when I saw a friend’s fantastic Lady Gaga outfit, I immediately went out and bought the wig, ignoring my anti-consumerism vows. I had to restrain myself from purchasing the matching dress and got creative with this unique piece. It was quite a bit longer, and I pinned it up underneath to create that pouffy look. I made all the diamonds by gluing gold foil to cardstock (for thickness) and folding them into an origami diamonds. I wish I got a close up of the origami! Unfortunately, I was unable to find Gaga-esque  shoes at any local secondhand stores, and had even checked out some thrift shops in Toronto the week before – but to no avail. 🙁 some things just can’t be bought second hand. I used a pair I already had. I think I might start a Gaga Tradition, every year a different costume!

As much as I love dressing up, I think I took it a bit too far in 2008. I took Piano Instrumental class in my last year of University at Laurentian. My piano instructor holds a recital in the fall, which fell on the same week as halloween. For extra credit, the University students were invited to join in. Our teacher instructed us to “Dress up” for the recital, and I took that literally. I thought it meant to dress up in a halloween costume, as we were playing in front of kids. I wore a funny homemade lion costume, and I even made my own boots, I put black socks over runners, cut out holes so I had some grip and paint claws on it. I showed up to the recital in my awesome halloween costume, to see all my other classmates in fancy suits, ties and dresses. In the fancy recital hall with over 50 performers, there was one other performer who dressed up. I was only slightly mortified and performed flawlessly!


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