A perfect girls night – Mint, mojito’s and Magic Mike

A perfect girls night – Mint, mojito’s and Magic Mike

Or, as I prefer, Magic Mint Mojito’s.

Ok, I admit it. I went to see Magic Mike. And yes, it was terrible, but we went there with this knowledge beforehand, and couldn’t stop laughing, starting with the opening scene.

We started off the night at one of my besties patios, Melissa. Melissa has a problem in her garden, not weeds or small animals but…. MINT! She had presents of mint for each of us with handmade booklets on how to use it… I love her little details, she is the spawn of Martha. SOME of the girls decided they wouldn’t be able to see Magic Mike without a few drinks… So the Mojitos started! Once we made it to the movies, the buzz hadn’t worn off, so of course the opening scene with Channing Tatum’s bare behind started the giggles. They didn’t stop and soon turned into a bit of a roar. Basically, it was a dance movie, with all males and poor effects. Funny, nonetheless. Also, please don’t bring your children, there were or see male and female wadonka-wonks.

Mint, mojito's and Magic MikeMint, mojito's and Magic Mike

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