My little brothers trip to Nepal, Mount Everest and Thailand

My little brothers trip to Nepal, Mount Everest and Thailand

My brother Alex left last summer to teach english in Thailand with his girlfriend Ashley. Due to the flooding, their teaching position got postponed and they had a chance to check out some awesome festivals, events and get scuba certified. after their teaching contract was up, they decided to climb Mount Everest to the base camp. They did it by themselves, without a guide, and had an awesome time! The trek is dangerous however, 4 people died from altitude sickness during the past month, and they did their research ahead of time. After Mount Everest, Alex went to a Buddhist temple in Nepal for a non-talking retreat. Ashley went exploring on her own as well, and the two met up again before coming home to Canada. I am so proud and jealous of my little brother and wished I could have visited him on this adventure!

mount Everest

Alex and Ashley at Mount Everest




 Mount Everest

Buddhist Retreat in Nepal





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