My 2010 New Years Resolution to Go Vegan


My 2010 New Years Resolution to Go Vegan

Six years ago I made a New Years resolution to go full hippy for a year. I was already dedicated to helping reduce waste and save the planet and decided to step up my commitment a notch. In addition to following a vegan diet, I also only bought second hand products like clothes and furniture and attempted to the best of my abilities to buy local food and produce. I was ready to buy a composting toilet and even get rid of the TP.

A few books that inspired these changes:

Ecoholic – Andrea  Vasil 
Affluenza -Oliver James
Eating Animals – Jonathan Safran Foer

IMG_0137During that year, I dreamed of cheese LITERALLY all the time.

I missed cheese a lot…  gouda and brie and camembert, and cream cheese and butter. My mom’s family comes from cheese makers in the french alps (they are the exclusive makers of unique Reblochon Cheese) so I can’t remember a time in my life when I couldn’t open the fridge and eat delicious, creamy, yummy cheese. I even admit to eating the crusts off friends pizza that had a tiny amount of burnt cheese on it, and sneaking cheddar cheese chips when the vending machines didn’t have vegan options. The first year was rough. 
After a year of cheesy dreams, I was SO excited to sink my teeth into what I had been missing. I thought I would start small with my favourite – aged cheddar. I brought it home, ripped it open, and cut off a nice, 1/2 inch hunk. I shoved it in my mouth and started to chew and waited for the familiar flavour. But – something was wrong.  It didn’t have the flavour I remembered, it was revolting and I didn’t want to keep eating it. I spit it out and embraced a vegan diet for good.
I realized after learning so much more about food, health, ethics and the environmental effects of veganism that I just knew too much to eat meat and dairy again. I have been a strict dietary vegan ever since. 

Vegan Documentaries

Check out some movies to cuddle up to in the New Year!  

Health Documentary: Forks over Knives
Environmental Documentary: Cowspiracy
Ethics: Blackfish and Earthlings 

IMG_1058 2I am a serious foodie and have started making my own vegan nut cheeses. I even won an award for them!  I can now open up my fridge and have an assortment of delicious Parmesan, gouda, bride, cream cheese and yummy aged cheddar all from nuts.

It takes awhile to get comfortable cooking vegan, but I never feel like I ‘miss out’ anymore. Holidays are an exciting time to try new dishes that isn’t a  dead, rotting carcass that has had it’s anal cavity stuffed with more soggy bread. Or the forced lactations of a cow, chalked full of chemicals and hormones. I get excited sharing yummy, cruelty free and health food with friends and family and am proud that my partner is 90% plant based. He actually eats Soylent a few times a day, which I love as well – It’s a healthy, modern, vegan, full meal replacement that is affordable and environmentally friendly.

It’s 6 years later and I still follow a strict vegan diet and have been slowly transitioning to a vegan life. I might not be protesting at the zoo just yet but I have become a more conscious consumer and make sure if i have to buy leather, it’s second hand and all my body products are vegan. Sure, there have been times I accidentally ate non-vegan stuff or accepted leather purses as gifts and my first year was a bit rocky, but I can proudly say that a vegan diet is a resolution I have kept for 6 years.

Vegan Websites 

Canadian Vegan Grocery Supply
Oh She Glows 
Olives for Dinner 



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  • AmyJanuary 2, 2016 - 10:34 pm

    Caroline I didn’t know you won a cheese award! Thats awesome. Also LOL re: your description of turkey and stuffing. I enjoyed reading this :).