Turning 26 – Not as grown up as I would like to be

Turning 26 – Not as grown up as I would like to be

I recently turned 26. According to my childhood plans, I’m way behind in life.  Now that I’m a grown up, I was supposed to save the world, become an artist, ballerina, car mechanic AND paediatrician.

I recently ran into an embarrassing situation that makes me realize I’m not as mature as I should be at 26. The story starts off with a confession – I’m a handicap stall lover. You know, in public restrooms? I go right to the handicap stall, even though there are other stalls open. I though EVERYONE used the handicap stall.. it has so much room in it, and always has a purse hook… its just so logical. So, I’m at the movie theatre and it has about 10 stalls, all of them empty. Of course, as usual, I use the handicap. I walk out of and there is a mother and her daughter waiting to use it, the daughter in a wheelchair. The mother pointedly looks at all the other empty stalls and then back at me. I mumbled sorry and RAN out of there! In my 26 years of using handi stalls, I finally run into someone who needs it. I have to admit, those are some pretty big odds, BUT I’m not going to wait another 26 years to break the habit. I found out the first stall in the washrooms have the less use, and as a result are cleaner with less germs. its going to be tough getting used to a normal sized stall, but I can probably get used to it.

In my attempt to really grow up, I’m wondering what other habits I have that I think are perfectly normal? I think the list is growing shorter.. Maybe once I finish it, I can start saving the world.

Here is a photo of my and some friends before heading out to party!!

Turning 26

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