On de Island! (St. Maarten Photographer)

Well, this is my second year returning to the beautiful island of St. Maarten and I couldn’t be more excited to spend the winter here. In the past few weeks I have gotten settled in comfortably and done some exciting photo shoots. It feels so right to return here, there is something about the heat, palms trees and salty sea breeze that forces you to slow down.

I had a wonderful summer in Sudbury. I stayed at my brothers house for the summer, along with our cousin. It was interesting to stay with two men, and I would often find guns, chainsaws and hammers on the kitchen table. Also, my brother and cousin haven’t yet grasped how a back door entrance works. As soon as they step in the back door, they take off their shoes, and leave them there for the next person coming in to trip on them. I often stumbled over 5 pairs of shoes upon walking in the door. I attemped to get them organized with a few shoe racks, but to no avail. The Shoe Situation at the Back Door will never be resolved.

At the beginning of the summer, I was so excited to get out and see friends and had forcasted a summer busy with friends, family and personal photography projects.  This was my first summer since I was 15 that I didn’t have at least two jobs, one of my besties just had a beautiful baby! In my pre-summer naive head, it was going to be fantastic! We would go for walks, and play with the babies and cook new vegan foods and knit and sew and read…. and then work started.  I introduced family sessions this summer for the first time and along with weddings, boudoir, editorial and engagement shoots I didn’t even have time to read the newest JK Rowlings or Atwood novels!  I blinked and it was October, and  I had to start packing again!

Here is a shot my cousin helped me take of my family and I at thanksgiving. I have a new found sympathy for mothers dealing with photoshoot clothing coordination..

















And a beautiful shot of the island, take at La Belle Creole, facing the French Side.

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