San Francisco! – Southern California Road Trip Part 1

We had a long flight and arrived super late in San Francisco.  There is something about flying that I still love… even after spending a day in an airport. It could be that I have 6 hours all to myself, just watching movies and reading. I have a love/hate relationship with the wifi that is now available for purchase on certain flights.
We took the BART system while in San Francisco and stayed at the “W” Hotel. We overdid the  walking, eating and sightseeing… San Francisco has so many amazing vegan restaurants, we were able to eat vegan the whole time!  Jesse isn’t full vegan, more of a 5 days a week vegan, but he fully enjoys a good vegan meal. He has a theory that vegan restaurants work extra hard to go against their bowl of tofu and sprouts stereotype, resulting in super culinary delights! San Francisco was very accessible and we were able to rely on public transit the whole time. Jesse and I really liked checking out cities by foot, so we took the ferry to Fishermans Warf from downtown and hiked up and down all the crazy hills to Lombard street then back down to the the Golden Gate Bridge, and stopped at the The Palace of Fine Arts on the way back. I think we overestimated how long it would take to walk 14km, and ran out of bandages for out blisters.

Cameras: We took Jesse’s Sony Nex7 with us on this trip, and I can’t express how much I love it! it is the perfect travel camera. Normally on vacations I don’t bring my huge setup and regret it… but on this trip I didn’t think twice about leaving my Canon 5D Mark III. Also, using mirrorless was pretty cool too, and the camera has a film feel to it. I can’t explain it, but while processing the photos, they looked classic.

San Francisco: :
Big Sur:
Santa Monica:
Joshua Tree and Mohave:
Death Valley and  Sequoia:


Spring was in the air! I love how California’s has four season. A much milder four season than what  I am accustomed to back in Northern Ontario, but the best of both worlds! Spring flowers, summer weather, fall colours and a cold enough winter for a touque!

Fishermans Warf! We could watch sea lions all day! On our walk from Lombard street to the Golden Gate Bridge, Jesse and I saw this intricate ancient-looking dome sticking up from the city. Curious what it was, we explored and came upon the aesthetic Palace of Fine Arts. I immediately thought it would be a perfect place for a photoshoot, and of course there were many going on that day!

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