Joshua Tree and Mohave – Southern California Road Trip Part 4

Joshua Tree Vancouver Photographer

We left Palm Springs for Joshua Tree National Park and the Mohave Desert National Preserve. As we were driving through the towns in this area, I noticed a lot of them sounded familiar. It clicked that a lot of Tori Praver’s swimsuit designs and patterns were named after towns in that area, whom I am a HUGE fan of, it never occurred to me that they were actual places.  As with Big Sur, Joshua Tree was super deserted (pun intended) and it was really cool zipping through the dessert! It stopped raining, so we were finally able to put the top down and the sun was glorious!
The reason we were going to Vegas was to catch the WPPI 2014 (Wedding and Portrait Photographer’s International Conference). While planning out road trip, I realized it was taking place right after we arrived home, so we postponed out original date to fit the conference in.  We arrived in Vegas that evening, Jesse’s least favourite city. As a quiet person, Las Vegas is probably the worst city to visit. The constant, 24 hour party and excitement that I loved is exactly what he highly disliked. Luckily, we had a nice room so he was able to spend a lot of time chilling (hiding), while I went to photography parties. We spent the days in photography classes together, (my favourite was Elizabeth Messina… So inspiring) and trying to take in some sights and food. There was a lot of sidewalks closed in Vegas, and the alternate routes were really confusing, and an insult to out intelligence. There is no need to go through 3 casinos in order to get back to the sidewalk… I’m on to your tricks Vegas!

San Francisco: :
Big Sur:
Santa Monica:
Joshua Tree and Mohave:
Death Valley and  Sequoia:

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bmw z4 convertible

Caroline ROss  40NEW WPPI Vancouver Photographer73

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Vegas MGM Grand

Getting Ready for some party time in Vegas!

Vegas MGM Grand

our wonderful suite

Going to a party with 15 000 other international photographers alone is a bit intimidating… but I made some awesome new friends and had a great time! My secret to making friends…  hop on a bar and start dancing…everyone wants to be friends with the bar dancer! And limit your alcohol to 2 drinks.
The following video was from the  Slow Motion Booth… I added one of my favourite songs to it! you can see the whole video with all the attendees here. Check out yours truly as the opening hair flip:

Slow Mo WPPI from carolineross on Vimeo.

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