Stacey and Brian – Wedding Photos Outside at Science North and Bell Park

Stacey and Brian – Wedding Photos Outside at Science North and Bell Park

As soon as I met Stacey and Brian, I knew the photos were going to be easy. These two are incredibly easy going and totally, completely in love with each other. Their engagement session was really fun last summer and I look forward to their “Love the Dress” session in the next few weeks!

Their wedding ceremony took place at Holy Redeemer church in Minnow lake and the reception was at the Caruso Club in Sudbury. We took the fun and awesome formal photos outside Science North and Bell Park. The overcast day was wonderful for lighting, and I love how the Sudbury Boat and Canoe Club was in the background, providing for some cool nautical photos. Everything was shot on my Canon 5D mark II, with my 50mm 1.4 lens. I recently bought this camera and lens and can’t get over how awesome it is!

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