Surprise Proposal at Capilano Bridge

Surprise Proposal Capilano

Surprise Proposal at Capilano Bridge

I saw a post on Vancouver Reddit a few days ago-it was a throwaway account asking for help in planning a marriage proposal at Capilano Suspension Bridge. I absolutely LOVE doing proposal sessions and messaged Austin right away to let him know I was interested.

The Stalking

I didn’t know what Austin and Marilu looked like, Austin tried to text me a picture the morning of the session, but it didn’t go through. I did know they were coming up from Bellingham and they had a dog with them, so luckily there was only one couple that had a dog that morning, and I coordinated with the front about the proposal and as soon as they saw a couple with a dog they let me know too! As soon as I identified them I started following and made sure I was never more than 10-15 feet away, awaiting the proposal. It was a bit difficult and at times I didn’t think he would propose (too many people) I let them out of my site, but it was a bit stressful! I didn’t want to get too close and raise suspicion, or have Marilu worried about the stalker, but I didn’t want to get too far away and miss the shot. It was my first time to Capilano, so I took the opportunity to be a tourist while waiting for Austin to propose, and had to make it look like I was a photo enthusiast. It was a perfect day for a photoshoot – it started off mild and overcast and eventually the sun popped out – perfect for lighting! I still can’t get over how beautiful and alive Vancouver is in the winter,  it’s so green and lush for January.

The Proposal

After an hour of touring the site we came upon a quiet area at the pond, surrounded by lights, trees and nature.  Austin turned around to me, the convenient tourist standing beside them and asked me to take a photo with his phone. He was giving me some googly eyes, so I had a feeling this was it. Being the friendly tourist I was pretending to be I offered to take some photos with my big camera an email them to the couple. As soon as I told them to smile, Austin dropped down on one knee and asked Marilu to marry him. Her reaction was perfect! She said yes of course and was totally surprised!  Congratulations Austin and Marilu on your proposal at Capilano, and thank you for trusting me to be a part of your surprise!

From Marilu:

 I had no clue Austin was going to propose in Vancouver! I had been dropping not very subtle hints that I’d like for us to take this step in our relationship for quite a while, say a year or two. Looking back to the weeks prior to the proposal, I guess I could have clued in to his behavior better to have known it might be coming. But for this trip I had actually asked him to plan a day date and I wouldn’t ask any questions.  We honestly almost did not make this trip because I was too afraid to walk the Capilano Suspension bridge. I am glad that I said yes to this trip and yes to a future with my man. 

I was so shocked to finally see the day where he’d be on one knee to ask me to spend our lives together. We have been together for almost four years now and we have had many conversations about who we are, what we want, and wanting to move forward in our relationship. But I have also made a joke or two about him proposing when I least expected it – So, I may have psyched myself out more than him being a prankster.

From Austin:

I was very nervous. Not about if she would say yes (I was confidant that she would), just about making the day a great and memorable day for us, and everything going right with the proposal. I had gotten the ring in December and had been hiding it at my uncle’s house until the time came because I was worried about her finding it at our place. I couldn’t decide on the perfect plan so it kept changing over and over again until the week before it actually happened I finally decided on proposing at Capilano Suspension. It was a great location that’s nearby so we could make a day trip to it, it was memorable and something we had been wanting to do for a while. 

The most nervous I got while planning was two nights before when she guessed where we were going (first guess, I can’t hide anything from her) and she almost didn’t want to go. She is scared of heights and even though she wanted to go to the bridge, she wanted to delay it for a few months. All night I was nervous thinking I had to cancel the plan and find another day to do it. Finally the next morning she told me that she wanted to go, that she wanted to face her fears and enjoy life’s adventures with me which made me even more excited for the day. 

The checklist I went through before was pretty simple. I of course had to ask her dad first, which I did earlier in the week and it went very well. I had to make sure the location was perfect, something that matched us and we could visit in the future. I also had to arrange somebody to take pictures of the event, which thanks to Reddit and Caroline fell into place perfectly. Overall everything went perfect through the day, the stars aligned to make everything go the best it possibly could.

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  • Kim BoydFebruary 14, 2016 - 1:47 am

    Thank you for making this day extra special for our son and his now fiance! You did an awesome job “stalking” them. 💘