Together Again – The Ross’s are reunited in Sudbury

Together Again – The Ross’s are reunited in Sudbury

My younger brother Alex recently came back from Thailand, where he spent a few months teaching, and a while traveling nearby countries. (Including climbing Mount Everest… he did a trek to the base camp, 3/4 of the way up! I’m so proud and jealous of my little bro!) Alex the Adventurer brought us back some amazing souvenirs… did you know that Buddha’s aren’t fat? They are very fit and slim. Only the Laughing Buddha is large! He entertained us with interesting stories from climbing Everest (4 people died during his trek… not for the faint of heart!), food so spicy he was crying for 20 minutes, no-talking meditation retreats and all the interesting characters they met on the way!

When I was younger, my mom used to always sing us the little duckies song, where, one by one all the little ducks left their mothers home. My mom would get all slow when each duckie left home, and make it sound like a funeral march, and then … happily and quickly sing “And all the little duckies came back” at the end of the song.  She  hastily  followed up with the “monkeys on the bed” song, cause all 4 of us would be in tears. The boys would try to hide it, but we all had ugly cries going on. I realize now, as an adult, that the song was meant to teach children their numbers, but my mom had ulterior motives…I think it was her way of insuring none of us leave home permanently.

You can read more about his trip here:

Alex and Dad going over his journeys…







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