Last minute trip to Vancouver and a surprise new camera lens!

Trip to Vancouver

Canon 70-200 L series 2.8 IS Lens

Last minute trip to Vancouver and a surprise new camera lens!

My boyfriend and I took a little last minute trip to Vancouver for a few days earlier this month, and WOW is it ever a beautiful city! I couldn’t believe the magical mountains in the distance, the snow capped peaks seemed to rise out of the clouds… and how CLEAN the whole city was. And the best part of the trip came before it started… I went to pack my camera bag, and in it was this smaller, light beige bag, that I didn’t remember buying. I sat there for 5 minutes without opening it, thinking “When the heck did I buy this?” It was a new Lens! A certain somebody hid it earlier that day, and oh, I love surprises!

I had some time to do some reading on the plane, which i was SO excited for. I never get a change to read anymore! Despite my resolve NOT to read fiction, I decided that this does not include any “old” authors. I am intrigued by the Fitzgeralds lately, and can’t help but enjoy Scott’s books.. he bases most of his lead female characters on his wife.. so I feel like its almost non-fiction. Also, this “non-fiction rule” does not include any previous favourite author’s series that  I have become attached to… such as Christopher Paolini’s fourth book in the Eragon Series… did you know he started writing the series when he was only 17? Young talent amazes me!  I read the Great Gatsby on the way back… I needed a fictional distraction! The plane ride was horrible! It started leaking above me for 10 minutes… I thought the whole side of the plane was going to rip off any second, and I would be sucked into the blackness. Im not the greatest flyer… I usually emmerse myself in the movie… BUT that was broken. Also, my chair was unable to recline, but it didn’t matter anyways, I was unable to sleep for fear of death.

While in Vancouver, my boyfriend found a delicious RAW vegan restaurant to dine at… Gorilla Food. He surprised my by eating at it too… it was amazing! My past year i have been avoiding pastas and breads due to their lack of everything, and overabundance of BAD and have had surprising success. I have been wanting bruschetta bread and pasta lately, so I decided to try a few things the RAW way. Today I purchased a food dehydrator, and ill have my first “bread” in 34 hours (yes, it takes forever!). Also, guess what they use for noodles. ZUCCHINI! I have a bowl of it drying out for supper tonight… it tastes just like pasta! I just took the whole zucchini and  peeled it, and it looks like noodles. RAW amazes me. The whole atmosphere was amazing at this restaurant, it was full of Occupy Vancouver protestors, and young business professionals. Although I don’t agree with the Occupy movement, it was amazing to listen to them speak passionately about their beliefs and attempt to change the world. More photo from Vancouvie coming soon!

My recent reading list… yes, I purposely photographed it on a reflective surface so it looks twice as big…

 trip to Vancouver Gorilla Food sudbury vegan

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