Vancouver Cherry Blossoms Couples Session

Vancouver Cherry Blossoms Couples Session

Vancouver is about 4 degrees warmer this year. That might not sound like a big difference but it is wrecking having on the Vancouver! The cherry blossom festival officially starts in April, but the first blossoms were seen in February. Lucky for me, this means I can start taking photos of the blossoms earlier!

Kassandra and Simon came to Vancouver from Australia together a few years ago. Kassandra is the creative fashion blogger behind Design Every Day. Her  blog is full of artistic photoshoots, beautiful food shots and  inspiring design tips. I was quite excited to shoot with this couple, on Kassandra’s blog she always has the most beautiful clothing and poses. Today was no exception!

These photos were taken at Queen Elizabeth Park, with the Magnolia Blossoms in the background. I used my Canon 5d Mark III and my handy 50mm 1.2 lens. The colours in these photos are natural, despite looking like I stuck a Photoshop filter on them. The cherry blossoms makes everything look magical!

Vancouver Cherry Blossom EngagementVancouver Cherry Blossom Engagement 10  Queen Elizabeth ParkQueen Elizabeth ParkQueen Elizabeth ParkVancouver Cherry Blossom EngagementQueen Elizabeth ParkVancouver Cherry Blossom Engagement 7Vancouver Cherry Blossom Engagement 8Vancouver Cherry Blossom Engagement 9  Vancouver Cherry Blossom Engagement 11  Queen Elizabeth ParkQueen Elizabeth ParkQueen Elizabeth ParkQueen Elizabeth ParkQueen Elizabeth Park

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