Queen Elizabeth Park – Vancouver City Photos

Queen Elizabeth Park – Vancouver City Photos

As many of you know, I recently moved to Vancouver and have been dying to take some Vancouver City Photos.  I had seen photos online showcasing the beautiful city nestled in the mountains and really wanted to capture this perspective. Through some research, I found out the best place to take Vancouver photos was at the top of Queen Elizabeth Park, at the Bloedel Conservatory. I really enjoyed this park, even in the winter. I am so excited to shoot wedding photos here in the summer!

My favourite camera for travel and personal photos is the mirror-less Sony Nex 7. It is super light to carry and has it takes high quality images. The idea to get a light travel camera was proposed by Jesse, who is the camera carrier. We used this for all of our California travel photos last year!
For this image I opted to use the 18-200 lens, zoomed all the way in. I had to stitch together about 30 photos to create the below photo. I’m still pretty new to stitching and landscape shots, so I hope I didn’t miss anything in photoshop. I could have used the wider angle  but I find it distorts the image too much, it pushes everything away and you can’t capture the true splendour of the mountains. I hope to share more Vancouver photos in the next few months!

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