Vancouver Wedding Photographer – Wedding Portfolio

Vancouver Wedding Photographer – Wedding Portfolio

Caroline Ross is a primary wedding photographer in Vancouver, British Columbia. Caroline Ross Photography began shooting weddings in 2009, when friends and family started getting married. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts and many additional course in Graphic Design and Digital Art, Caroline was comfortable around the camera and photo editing programs.

From Caroline

My favourite part about weddings is the moments between the big events. The bride and groom dancing together- after the official first dance. The quiet time right before the bride’s father father walks her down the aisle. Watching the groom fidget, or trying not to cry  in front of hundreds of family and friends.

My Style: I call myself an editorial-style photographer, which basically means a mixture of posed and PJ (photojournalistic) images. I love formals so much… I love capturing that one WOW shot with both the bride and groom looking at the camera. I try to make that shot as comfortable and natural as possible… which isn’t easy with all the stress the wedding couple is feeling on the wedding day!

I am constantly surprised at the uniqueness of each wedding. After being in business for 8 years I still love hearing about each distinctive love story. It’s the people that take part in the wedding that make it special, there is never the same bride and groom, family and friends. My style is focused heavily on the individuality of each wedding. I give lots of direction when needed, in order to capture the bride in the best lighting and angle. I keep my editing timeless – I want you to look at the album in 10 years and remember the moments and feelings of the day, not the trendy poses and editing styles that were popular that year.

I hope we can work together on YOUR wedding and I look forward to meeting you!