After shooting for nearly ten years, Caroline has mastered the perfect combination of editorial, candid and posed photos. Her ongoing fashion and commercial work keeps her portraiture skills sharp and helped to create her unique lifestyle look. She teaches photography at a local college, which helps her stay up to date with modern techniques and constantly renews her love for photography.

Direction: Caroline is great at giving direction to the wedding couple – as most couples aren’t professional models, it’s up to the photographer to get them in their most flattering poses and find the best light. She will often put the couple in a pose and get them talking about their relationship or the wedding day. It’s nearly impossible for a couple to talk about how much they love each other without kissing or showing signs of effection, and that’s how each couple is able to make the pose unique and special.

Editing: Caroline believes in keeping skin tones neutral and colours as close to real life as possible, but doesn’t hold back with the editing.

Lighting: Some of the popular wedding photos on pinterest and wedding blogs happen at sunset, which is not possible for a lot of weddings. Lighting plays such a big role in creating the photo… a mountainous landscape is meaningless if the bride and groom are squinting into the sun, or have harsh shadows on their faces. While stunning vistas are always fun to work with, Caroline believes it’s the relationship between the bride and groom that is most important and can be captured with any background.

From Caroline:  One of my favourite parts of the wedding day is the portrait session. It makes me so happy to help couples find their inner model and give me that ‘blue steel’ look… which is very difficult to do without laughing!