A vegan cooking, book reading, espresso drinking nerdy summer

 A vegan cooking, book reading, espresso drinking nerdy summer

This summer has been so beautiful.. I feel as thought Sudbury is greener than normal this year! I have decided at the beginning of this year to continue with my veganism through vegan cooking, even though veganism was supposed to be for only a year(Original post here). I am now a very strict dietary vegan, last year I had a few slips, but have now developed a slight intolerance for lactose and can no longer afford any slips.  Im a real vegan now!  I have had a lot of fun this summer with new recipes and different fruit and veggies I found at the Sudbury Farmers Market. One of my favourite recipes is cauliflower mashed potatoes, and some tofu omelettes from the cookbook Vegan Brunch.

Jesse gifted me a surprise Breville Latte machine. I have now become an espresso addict. And the milk steamer… Yummy! nothing like a late night steamed hazelnut milk!  I don’t know how I didn’t live without this amazing machine that brings happiness with every sip

Even thought I continued being a vegan, I don’t want to be an anti-consumer anymore. I finished my one year with only a few items that I purchased, but its too difficult and not that much fun. I still enjoy reading books on it thought and love the book “Affluenza” by Oliver James. Its something ill be re-reading for life.

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