Veganism and Value Village – My anti-consumerism resolution

Veganism and Value Village

In January, I decided to go full hippy. I decided that the best thing I can do for the environment and my body its to become Vegan. I wanted to become more environmentally conscious and after much research, I found that the vegan diet is the best diet for this.  Also, once educating myself on this topic, I really wanted to try it out! Who is able to eat milk, dairy and meat after reading about everything behind the industry. I am sticking to the 3 v’s – Veganism and Value Village

No New Stuff

Sometimes I look around at all my “stuff” I own, and get a bit disgusted with myself. There is so much out there at thrift and second hand stores that I could have purchased instead! I have already been a lover of vintage clothing stores, so I took a pact. Starting in January, I have bought only recycled items, including clothing shoes, furniture. Other personal items that you can’t get recycled, like toothbrushes, I have gone full organic. So far, I’m enjoying it, but then again I’ve always been the one to get excited about composting toilets and home sprouting! I also love having clothing that no one else has, and spend hours in Toronto’s Kensington Market, Sudbury’s Value Village and every second hand shop in every city I go to!

Here are a few of my recent finds from a trip to Chicago’s Buffalo Exchange.

Veganism and Value Village; My anti-consumerism resolution


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