Vancouver Wedding Photography Prices

What is the price of a wedding photographer in Vancouver?

An average photographer in Canada is 10-15% of your total wedding costs depending on your location.  In Vancouver, this works out to be around $3000. To get the best wedding photography prices; it is important to understand what is included in these price tags.
Lets say you have two photographers, with similar portfolio of images. One is $2500 and the other is double, at $5000. Both photographers provide full day service, and an album and digital files. Why is one so much more than the other?

Album aVancouver Wedding Photography Pricesnd Products

Albums, prints and products make up a lot of the photographers costs.  A cheap photographer might used less expensive albums and a high end photographer uses premium quality books. High quality books usually come with a slip cover or clamshell box to protect it and can be fabric, linen or leather covered. Often a photographer offers different quality of albums, for different price ranges.  Ask the photographer to bring a sample of their books to the meeting, so you can see them.

Tip: A lot of the packages have flexibility and its ok to ask the photographer to change a few things around, omitting products, such as albums, or swapping products for more time.


An experienced photographer makes the day go by so smoothly and is familiar with the structure of any wedding day. The best photographer is ready for any situation that arises, and can handle it without problems and has backup equipment, lighting and clothes.


Watch out for photographers claiming they ONLY use “natural light”. While natural light is always preferred and should be used whenever possible, situations arise when artificial lighting is needed, such as a rainy day or at the reception. It is important that the photographer is equally capable in all lighting conditions and have the appropriate equipment.

Tip: A lot of ceremonies and most churches do not allow flash from the professional photographer, and this is one time that they have no choice in their lighting. Officiants often want to keep the ceremony from becoming like a movie production and want the couple and guests to focus on the ceremony and bride and grooms vows. 

Taking Charge

A good photographer takes charge during the photoshoot and tells everyone where to stand, pose and what to do. This makes the formals go by quickly, and ensures all the appropriate shots are taken. The last thing you want on your wedding day is to worry about how to pose your family, friends and yourself.

Amount of photos

The amount of photos you receive varies greatly by photographer. The blogs posts you see online might be the extent of “good” photos a client receives from their wedding. Ask to view a full wedding from each photographer before making your choice.

There are a few awesome, cheap photographers that have all the above qualities as well as some high-price photographers who don’t quite keep up with current posing, lighting and photography styles. This is evident in their portfolio, customer service and through referrals. Try to find reviews of your photographer before hiring them, either through friends or online. 

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