Bright and Airy, Midtones and Low Key Editing Styles

Editing Styles

There are a few different editing styles in wedding  photography and Caroline Ross Photography  edits all the photos with a mid-tone edit, focusing on natural skin tones and preserving the mood and natural ambiance of the wedding day.

In the following photos, you can see the white dress is the same brightness in both brides. The walls and room surrounding the bride is what keeps the photo high-key or low key. The image on the left is shot in a smaller room with dark walls and the bride is lit with a small window. It is also a dark and rainy day. The bride on the left is in a large with walled room with floor-to-ceiling window and it was a bright sunny day. Both images have the same editing and colours, however the image on the left is darker, and the image on the right is brighter. The location and light of the wedding day have much more to do with bright or dark images than the editing of the photograph.

Dark walls, small windows

Light walls, large windows

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