Sunrise Fall Engagement in Sudbury

The Photoshoot

When I gave Carrie and Brent my availability for sessions when I was home in Sudbury last fall, I threw in the option of a sunrise engagement session. I didn’t have a lot of time while I was in Sudbury, and I knew they were both busy too and thought it might be a good idea. I forgot about jet lag though, and 6 am in Ontario is actually 3 am in Vancouver. I woke up a little tired after only a few hours sleep, but luckily I was staying with my mom, who made me breakfast, gave me a warm thermos to go, dressed me in her warmest parka and gloves and pre-heated the car for me. These acts of kindness made the morning bearable and I was excited to start the session.
Once I started getting closer to our photoshoot location I realized a thick fog had fallen over the whole area, and was really beautiful closer to the water, which was hard to get to. Once I explained to Carrie and Brent I wanted to shoot near a beach or dock, they knew the perfect location on Long Lake and the session turned out really magical! I immediately forgot how cold it was and  I don’t think there is any other time of the day that would have been more perfect for the session.

The Engagement

Brent and Carrie got engaged  winter 2016 at the Festival of Lights in Sudbury, Ontario. They went out for dinner before hand to celebrate Brent’s new job and spent the rest of the evening admiring the light display at Science North. Carrie  had a feeling something was up as Brent was a little nervous throughout the night. Surrounded by the beauty of a crisp winter evening and sparkling lights, Brent found a private spot near the water and dropped down on one knee and proposed. Of course Carrie said yes and now, almost a year later, these two are once again surrounded by an ethereal beauty celebrating their engagement.


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