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St Maarten Beach Wedding with Sunset
Whether you are bound for an exclusive private beach venue, an all-inclusive resort, or a historic venue in the Old Country, you want to be prepared when you arrive for your destination wedding. And while it’s challenging enough to pack up your car when you’re getting married down the street, there are extra considerations involved with traveling afar and abroad to say “I Do”.

Mind the Paperwork

First, as with all responsible travel, do very thorough research into the necessary documentation you need both for movement in and out of your destination, and to legally marry there. Passports, visas, licenses, proof of dissolution of previous marriages, and in some cases proof you have complied with all local laws and customs in a timely manner are just some of the things you might be required to submit before you can walk down the aisle. Check with your local health department for immunization recommendations as well. Obviously, leaving some time to get these things accomplished is an excellent way to start.

Predict the Unpredictable

Next, consult the good ol’ weather websites to confirm both historical weather patterns and what the actual climate has been like over the past few years on your wedding date. Bride and Groom on BeachShare this information with your wedding party and guests. You want everyone to look their best and to be comfortable. If you plan to marry on the sand, make recommendations to your bridal party for choosing the most appropriate beach bridesmaid dresses and help the men in the group find a style that is weather and location appropriate.

Ask Really Nicely…

Consult with your airline if you are flying to determine the best mode of transporting your own wedding attire. Often they will waive some of the more stringent rules about carrying items on and allow you to keep your wedding dress in the cabin of the plane (saving you from ever having to imagine what it might go through once it starts riding those long roads of conveyor belts!). Again, your wedding party might also qualify to carry on those beach bridesmaid dresses, so be generous with the fruits of your research.

Practice Responsible Import/Export Activities

It may seem totally innocent to you to pack up a dozen guest welcome bags filled with snacks, gifts and favors, then haul them with you to your destination. However, depending on the applicable trade regulations or agricultural restrictions, you could fairly easily, and highly regrettably, find yourself in violation of import/export rules (we know you didn’t know you couldn’t take the fresh citrus fruit with you, but we don’t get to save you when they find it…). destination-weddingKnow the laws before you go, and explore other shipping options, or plan to purchase what you need and want when you arrive. Detention at the border is not a cute wedding story no matter what your friends say to reassure you at the time.

Yes, and All the Other Stuff Too

Of course, just because you can jump through all of the necessary hoops to legally hold your destination wedding, doesn’t necessarily mean you will be able to find your car keys on the day of your departure. Make lists of the personal items you need, and check them more than twice. Don’t forget your bridal jewelry, undergarments, accessories and makeup supplies. Bring everything you need to look your best! Leaving absolutely nothing to surprise won’t guarantee you a destination wedding free of bumps in the road, but at the very least it will minimize them as best as possible. Good luck with your wedding packing and travel safely!





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Joe and Elaina’s cute meet reads like the synopsis to a romantic comedy, complete with a chance meeting between two strangers and the quintessential ‘girl next door’. It’s such a perfect story one wonders if it’s planned by a unknown matchmaker or simply serendipity? Whatever it was, we’re glad it happened, these two are made for each other!

On a warm summer evening, Joe was on his way to a festival in downtown Sudbury. After the festival, he was going a house party and had a bottle of wine to bring. He couldn’t bring the bottle of wine to the festival, so he stashed it in a nearby friends mailbox whom he knew was out of town for the weekend, planning on retrieving it later before heading to the nearby party.

On this same summer evening, Elaina was house sitting for friends who were out of town. She happened to catch a glimpse of a handsome stranger who was taking a bottle of wine out of the mailbox of the house she was at. After chatting for a bit, and Joe declining her offer to join her and some friends on their patio, he headed over to his party. This might have been the end of their love story, had it not been for a message Elaina received from the owners of the house that the neighbours were having a gathering and she should go over and say hi. This is the same party Joe was attending. They soon found each other and spent the evening talking about airports, travelling, and cardamon.

From the Bride:  I  remember the first time we kissed in his car and “Catcher in the Rye” audiobook came on and we just started laughing. We really haven’t stopped laughing since.

From the Groom: The night we met was the moment I knew she was the ‘one’, if you could believe that.  She told me she puts cardamon in her coffee and loves being at the airport.

The Proposal

Travel is a common interest Joe and Elaina shared, so it was the prefect opportunity for a proposal when they went to Iceland together. For some reason, it turned out they weren’t on the flight. Joe turned to Elaina, speechless, and got down on one knee and proposed, right in the middle of the airport, with a giant pink sapphire ring.

About the ring: Elaina mentioned a peach sapphire in passing to a group of girls months prior. She wasn’t a diamond girl and I knew she liked rose gold from the rest of her jewellery. I travelled to Toronto to meet with a few jewellers that my friend had arranged. I learned in Toronto that a round peach sapphire was very rare – and I wasn’t entirely surprised because Elaina was one of a kind 🙂 I came back to Sudbury and visited Robert Brown Jewellers and met Heather who reached out to her network. She took on a the challenge knowing the round cut and size would be difficult. A few weeks later she had options for me. We selected the perfect stone and Heather took care of the rest to customize the setting with a halo of small diamonds. – Joe

Sudbury Greek Wedding

Every detail of this wedding day was designed by either Elaina or Joe. Together, these creative and fashionable individuals created a truly unique wedding with stunning details. They choose to have the photoshoot done at their home in Sudbury, a newly renovated and artistically decorated home with mid century modern accents that belonged in a West Elm ad. Another unique detail to this wedding was their custom logo. Elaina and Joe had a graphic created of the two of them from Sudbury design and communications company Over the Atlantic, and this was displayed on at Verdicchio’s and on the signage and the invitations.

Details and Vendors

Church: Elaina and Joe’s Sudbury Greek Wedding was at  St Nicholas
Reception: In addition to travel, these two bonded over food so it would make sense to have their wedding at one of Sudbury’s culinary delights,  Restaurante Verdicchio
Brides Gown: Custom made by Valenciennes
Grooms Suit: Strellson
Brides Shoes: Christian Louboutins
Wedding favours:  Sweet Greek Alchemies
Flowers: Bella Flora
Centrepieces: Marble hearts by Marblellous
Posters, sign in:
Decorators: Unforgettable Weddings
Make-up: Melissa Moores
Hair: Trevor & Jerica from Pandemonium Salon
Band:   Matt Foy and his band
Videographer: Ryan Kozicki
Ring Bearer Pillow: Le Petit Mariage
Bride’s Earrings: Glamorous Bijoux 
Table Numbers: Gaugenyc
Christian LouboutinsFlower Girl Dress  Wedding Ring Pink Bride in Valenciennes wedding dress  Wedding ring in geometric vase  Vancouver PhotographerChristian Louboutins and wedding details  wedding dresscustom made wedding dress by ValenciennesVancouver PhotographerVancouver PhotographerValenciennes wedding dressVancouver PhotographerValenciennes wedding dress in black and white Vancouver Photographerbride in Valenciennes wedding dressVancouver PhotographerVancouver PhotographerChristian Louboutins on world mapVancouver PhotographerValenciennes wedding dress custom made Vancouver PhotographerVancouver PhotographerVancouver PhotographerStrellson suit Vancouver PhotographerVancouver Photographergroom in Strellson suit Gold twig wedding day Vancouver Photographer  Sudbury Greek Wedding Sudbury Greek Wedding Vancouver PhotographerVancouver PhotographerVancouver PhotographerVancouver PhotographerVancouver PhotographerSudbury Greek Wedding Vancouver PhotographerVancouver PhotographerVancouver PhotographerSudbury Greek Wedding Greek Church Sudbury St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Vancouver Photographer  St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Vancouver PhotographerSt. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church   Vancouver PhotographerVancouver PhotographerVancouver PhotographerVancouver PhotographerGroup wedding photos  Vancouver PhotographerGroup wedding photos Valenciennes wedding dress  Bride and groom seated  Valenciennes wedding dressValenciennes wedding dress  Sudbury Wedding Vancouver PhotographerVerdicchio's wedding Vancouver PhotographerVancouver Photographerwedding napkins Wedding details Wedding cocktails Wedding at Verdicchios in SudburyWedding at Verdicchios in SudburyVancouver Photographerbride and groom on dance floor First Dance Wedding at Verdicchios in SudburyWedding at Verdicchios in SudburyVancouver PhotographerWedding at Verdicchios in SudburyVancouver PhotographerVancouver PhotographerVancouver PhotographerVancouver PhotographerVancouver PhotographerVancouver PhotographerVancouver PhotographerVancouver Photographerbride throwing bouquet Wedding at Verdicchios in Sudbury

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kids jumping on bed Heritage House Family Photoshoot

Walking into my cousins house is a photographers dream. The big open areas  of this beautiful heritage house with bright white walls and lots of open space for me to shoot in is heavenly! Add some adorable children in princess dress up clothes and beautiful mamas and it’s the perfect shoot.

You might remember these beautiful sisters from previous posts, Nat came to visit me in St Maarten a few years ago and Laura put her faith in my as my first bride way back in 2009. Their families have grown since they were last on the blog and I got a chance to visit them and their newest little ones recently. I don’t get down to Oshawa, Ontario often, but when I do it’s crazy and fun and always results in some awesome photos!


baby sipping bottle in crib children eating at table  I can’t believe how big this one is getting… she came to St Maarten for a visit with her parents when she was 5 months, that was the last time I saw her!   grandma and baby bright white photo of kids in heritage housemomma in heritage housebaby boy drinking bottle in crib  Vancouver PhotographerVancouver Photographergirl in bunk bed  child in bunk bed with toys Vancouver PhotographerVancouver Photographermom kissing sons forehead young girl in bunkbedVancouver Photographerkids pulling hair  children with teddy bearsbaby on moms back girls playing ni bunk bedVancouver PhotographerVancouver Photographer   This beautiful heritage house has been restored and decorated with a lovely mix of modern and Vintage. I love houses that have a history, and this house even had a staircase for servants, just like Downton Abbey!girl in tiara by window  baby on bed white linensbaby on bed soft focusVancouver Photographerbaby girl on moms shouldermom holding baby   Vancouver PhotographerVancouver Photographerblack and white family on couch Vancouver Photographer   baby yawning baby holding hatgirl in princess outfitVancouver Photographer  black and white mom holding yawning babygirl eating supper A multi generation shot with my, my mom, aunt, cousins and their little ones. My mom’s holding on to that baby pretty tight… sorry mom, no grandkids yet! multi generation shoot Vancouver PhotographerVancouver PhotographerVancouver Photographer  baby not smiling baby boy with blue eyes Vancouver Photographer

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