Caroline Ross

 On my days off I can be found running the seawall Vancouver, at a film festival with my spouse or at happy hour with the ladies. I love helping others learn and work full time as a photography professor at a local college in Vancouver. After spending over 15 years as a wedding photographer, I have semi-retired and now take select, referral only weddings.

I’m originally from Northern Ontario and spent time living in St Maarten before moving to Vancouver where I live with my partner in Yaletown. I studied at Laurentian University for my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and Cambrian College for Digital Art Diploma. After graduating I worked for a few years as a Graphic Designer, Creative Director and Museum Curator before delving into photography full time.

I’ve often been told by clients that my photos are different and I attribute this to my  focus on attractive lighting and directed posing. As a studio trained fashion photographer,  my experience in studio lighting and fashion photography set add a unique, editorial vibe to my photos.

I have a separate photography company that works in commercial and fashion photography, which can be found here: https:/


My Style

My Style? I love mixing photojournalism with classic portraiture throughout the wedding day, resulting in an editorial style, similar to what is often seen in magazines. I pride myself on my no-nonsense attitude which is necessary when dealing with large groups of people. Formals go by quickly and the family members can enjoy mingling at the cocktail hour. I often have assistants on shoots holding lighting or carrying my bags. I have an amazing team working with me; all of whom are handpicked and capable of assisting in the perfect capture of your wedding day memories.

The Studio

Caroline Ross Photography started in 2009. The boutique studio books a limited amount of weddings a year and also shoots fashion, commercial and editorial work. Visit https://www.charlsross.ca to learn more!


The Gear

Caroline currently shoots with professional Canon equipment. She works primarily with Canon L-series lenses, some of the highest quality equipment on the market. She uses natural light whenever possible and has studio lights for wedding receptions and dances. She is prepared for any lighting situation and has backup gear and equipment.