Laura and Alex – Oshawa Wedding

My Big Cousin’s Special Day – Oshawa Wedding

Growing up without sisters, my cousins Laura and Natalie meant a lot to me. A few years older than I, they would still play Candy Land, Pretty Princess and barbies with me, even though they were well past that stage. When our family made our once yearly visit to Whitby, Ontario, Laura would make every night a special sleepover, and I loved her wizard room with all her magical stories.

When I went to Toronto last year, I got to meet Alex for the first time. I remember our moms talking before I went, and apparently Alex was all Laura could talk about! I was excited to meet the guy Laura was dating, and he didn’t disappoint! He was so nice and kind and very obviously head over heels in love with my cousin. I remember them dancing in the streets together…in the middle of downtown Toronto! Alex was Laura’s prince, and treated her like a princess. It makes me so happy to be able to photograph their wedding, and I appreciate their trust in me even though I just bought my first DSLR last week.

The Wedding Day Photoshoot

I had never shot a wedding before, or been a second shooter, so I was quite nervous. It helped that I was shooting family thought, and Laura and Alex were so understanding and nice!

Alex and Laura had quite the bridal party… they were so much fun! The guys had a lot of energy in them, so I realized quickly that I had to be bossy. Once I started using my outside voice, they listened… something I was worried about, as I had no clue what I was doing, and was quite a few years younger than everyone! It was really nice knowing a lot of the people involved in the wedding.

The Bees

I was posing everyone on the bridge, and a few of the girls were complaining about the bees nearby and making faces during the photos. I loudly told them to just stay still for a few minutes, but it wasn’t until after I realized just how many bees were on the bridge, and how well they listened. I love the photo of both my cousins with bees in their faces on the bridge!!

The Reception

What a fun party! There was a lot of work put into this wedding, with decorations, details and it really showed! It was so nice to see my mothers large family together (she has 7 brothers and sisters!) all together, and I really enjoyed the family reunion with cousins. I was pleasantly surprised with some of the first dance photos, I was really worried about lighting the hall.

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